Draining my battery

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I LOVE my cell phone. I joke that I don't remember how I lived before owning it. I use it for everything.... photos, research, webinars, meditation, social media, etc. Lately, my battery won't last long. It has gotten to the point that my battery lasts a max of three hours if I'm actively using my phone for anything, even listening to a podcast. It's very annoying and very limiting. Granted, I often spend days laid out in bed resting, but it is still annoying to be attached to a cord. 

I suspected it was a battery issue, so I stole my husband's battery because we have the same style phone. (Shhhh, don't tell him.) But here I am, three days later, plugged into the wall while I type this. 

What I finally realized this morning is that I have over 100 tabs open on my Internet browser! I'm an avid learner and I always want to gain more information. So, whenever I find something I think is interesting, I leave the page open to come back later and learn more. All of those open pages were literally draining my phone battery. It was also my aha moment because all of the things I've been 'wanting to look into more' or 'wanting to do it by myself' is draining my energy too.  By draining my mental energy, my physical energy is also compromised. I am hurting myself by having too many balls in the air, by having too many things I feel like I should be or must be doing.  However, I'm often short on energy so instead I have a bunch of partially done things and a ton of guilt.   This doesn't apply to just Web pages, but all of the things I'm trying to juggle. I realized, I am not making progress on any one thing because I'm spreading myself too thin on many things.

So tonight, I'm sitting down.  I'm going to look at the things that are using my energy, both physical and mental, and par them down so my resources are being used on things that align with my current top priorities. For me right now, that is my family and my healing.  I'm also going to close about 112 Web pages. 


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