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I have recently started dabbling in essential oils.  My mom swears by them and gave me a set for Christmas.  Last year.  Yeah, I'm a little behind the curve.  This past year, I bought an aromatherapy humidifier and have been sporadically using essential oils in that.  It's nice.  It smells good.  But, I haven't noticed any difference in anything at all.  I even bought a bigger one because I thought maybe the one I had was too small for my space.  Nada!

Then, I was reading online about applying essential oils to your skin.... specifically the bottoms of your feet.  It is cold and flu season so I thought I'd give it a go.  I mixed some essential oils that are supposed to help support your immune system and kill virus, bacteria, germs, and other yuckies.  I threw everything in there I had: Frankincense, Thieves, Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange (I like my citrus), Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and I'm sure there were a few others.  I was like some crazy Mad Scientist concocting a potent new serum.  The house smelled atrocious from using all of those different oils at once.  My husband walked in at one point, started to ask what the heck I was doing, but instead turned and high tailed it out of the room.  I think it was the potent smell, but honestly, it may have been the bed head hair complete with goggles and lab coat outfit I was rocking.  Who knows?

So, I mixed all of these oils together, added some jojoba oil (also courtesy of my amazing mother) and I waited..... hoping my children would come down with some ailment.  Yes, I wished ill on my children to try out my science experiment.  Don't judge.  My life is pretty lame these days.  It didn't take long for Sunshine, the seven year old, to start sniffling.  Two days later, in fact. 

I feel like I need to give a little background info here.  As you may know, Sunshine is my middle child.  Her nickname is Sunshine because she is literally the light of my life.  She brings sunshine everywhere she goes.  She's a really awesome kid.  However, no one is perfect, and that is also true for Sunshine.  This kid has the fidgets like no one's business.  She also puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.  It drives me bonkers.  I've been trying to break her of the habit for years now, but no luck.  My husband's favorite example of her inability to keep germs out of her mouth happened a few years back.  We were at Disney World.  I'm a bit of a germaphobe.  I am constantly telling the kids not to touch door handles, wash their hands for two "Happy Birthdays", don't chew on their shoes... that sort of thing.  So, we are walking through Disney World and we are coming up to a short flight of stairs with railing.  I start up the stairs and then turn around to tell Sunshine to hold my hand so she doesn't have to touch the railing and get germs on her hands.  Well, I didn't have to worry about her hands at all because she was walking a few steps behind me LICKING the railing as she walked up the stairs.  Literally, bent over running her tongue along the handrail. YES. THAT JUST HAPPENED. That was the moment I knew I would not be able to stop this kid from ingesting germs.  She was hellbent on self annihilation.  

So, it was little surprise to me that it was Sunshine that first came down with the sniffles.  She complained about her nose being stuffed.  Usually, there is nothing I can do, but this time I had a plan!  I told her to go grab some clean socks.  I sprayed a few sprays of my potion on her feet, rubbed it in, put on the socks, and sent her to bed.  Then, about 30 minutes later I had a panic attack because I realized I have never exposed her to anything like that before.  What if she has an allergic reaction?  What if she goes into anaphylactic shock? Needless to say, I slept like crap that night camped out on her bedroom floor.  She, however, slept like a baby and woke up feeling much better.  Hmmmm. Maybe I was on to something here.  A day later, I got to be my own guinea pig.  Sunshine is a very generous child.  She shares everything, including her germs.  (Let's be honest, I never know what object she has licked recently.  It's impossible to avoid everything. (I'm kidding, of course... sorta)). I woke up with a sore throat and runny nose.  Super spray to the rescue!   Spritz, spritz.  A few hours later, I was still sick, but it wasn't full blown.  I decided to follow up with a double dose.  Spritz, spritz.  Another nap.  Then Spritz, spritz... bedtime.  By the next day, my cold symptoms were gone!  It was like witchcraft!  I was so excited I insisted on spraying everyone as they are coming down with colds (but I do it in the morning first now so I can watch for allergic reactions - cause I'm crazy paranoid like that).  It honestly seems to be shortening the length and intensity of our symptoms.  I'm really excited about looking into essential oils even more!  That's one of the reasons I'm so excited about the essential oil class coming up at the end of the month.  I'm hoping we can learn together about how to properly and safely use essential oils to help improve our health.

 What are your favorite essential oils and how do you use them?

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