Getting paid to lose weight! Yes, it's for real!

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So, I decided I needed to get some outside motivation since internal motivation has been lacking.  The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.  Google obviously stalks me because I saw a pop up ad for something called Healthy Wages.  I had been Googling ideas for Keto since my doctor recommended Keto to help with my brain fog.  Keto also produces weight loss as a side effect.  So, Google assumed I wanted to lose weight (or it read my mind - the jury is still out on the psychic abilities of Google) and started showing me weight loss ads.

THIS ad, though, wasn't like the others. Paid to lose weight?  I was intrigued. I clicked, filled out their info calculator, and entered my email (because that is the Golden Ticket these days into entry anywhere) and low and behold.... Healthy Wages offered to pay me just over $1000 to lose 50 pounds.  What?  Seriously????  Being the skeptic I am, I immediately Googled Healthy Wages.  It seems to be on the up and up.  So, I started playing around with different wagers, different weight loss, and different amounts of time.  In my very official research of entering random numbers and seeing the results, I determined 10 pounds per month was the sweet spot for payout.  Then, I started entering different monthly bets until I came to $70/month that seemed to give me the best pay out.  I'm sure it is different for everyone.  I only have 60 pounds to lose (ONLY?  Jeez!!!) so I am doing a 6 month bet for 60 pounds.

So the way this works is you enter how much you want to lose and how many months you plan to take to lose the weight.  In my example, I have 60 pounds to lose.  I could have chosen anywhere between 6 months and 18 months to lose the 60 pounds, but I thought my best pay out was at the 10 pounds for months so I picked 6 months.  Plus, we are going on a beach vacation at the end of July and taking VERY expensive beach family photos, so I have extra motivation to not be a fat tub of lard by July.

Once you enter how much weight and how long you want to take to lose it, you enter what your monthly bet is going to be.  I don't remember the low end, but I think it was around $30/month all of the way up to $150/month.  Obviously, the more you bet, the more you can win.  For me, I had the best PERCENTAGE return at $70.  So over 6 months I will be paying into the Healthy Wages bank $420 (6x$70).  If I lose the goal amount of weight on time, I win $1463.  That is a $1000 profit!  For not being a fatty McFatsalot anymore!  Um, YES PLEASE!  If I don't, they keep my $420 and I get nothing (but I do get the keep the weight loss I already completed as a departing gift).

So, I signed up for the Healthy Wager.  I was beebopping around the website and spotted additional challenges.  What? Even more money???

I signed up for the Team Challenge.  A group of 5 people form a team and compete for the most weight loss against the other teams over a 90 days period.  The weight loss is capped out at just over 16 percent to be sure everyone loses weight in a healthy manner. You are also limited to an average weight loss of 2% a week.  I really like that because it means that no one should be gaming the system but doing extreme weight loss.  The old tortoise of slow and steady wins this race.  The bet for the Team challenge is only $25/month for a total of $75.  But, the prize for the winning team is 10,000 DOLLARS (you really need to do a Dr. Evil impersonation in your head to get the best effect).  That is $2000/person for those that are mathematically challenged.  AND, you can do this at the same time as your Healthy Wager, meaning I could get paid twice for the same weight loss.

I didn't have anyone to sign up with me, but the website has a place to meet up with other singles to form a team.  I have ended up with a team of THE most incredible, supportive ladies.  Our weigh in starts tomorrow, but I already feel like we are old friends.  We set up a group text and it has been remarkable.  We are sending each other supportive messages, sharing weight loss tips, talking about personal struggles!  It is absolutely amazing.  In fact, everyone that posts on the Healthy Wages website seems really supportive.  I really can't recommend it enough if you have weight to lose.

This extra support and motivation is exactly what I needed to get healthy.  I'm so excited to start the Team Challenge with these ladies tomorrow.  Plus, I'm already down 7 pounds for my personal Healthy Wager.

I'm hoping that the more weight I lose, the more inflammation will drop and the more my symptoms will improve.  At least I finally found the motivation for me to begin and stick to it!

They even give a referral bonus.  If someone signs up using my link, both you and I get $40 added to our Healthy Wager Prize.  If you overwight, I highly recommend checking it out.  You have nothing to lose except some fat, but you will gain support and possibly some money!

I will periodically be posting about my progress, so stay tuned.

For the record, my starting weight was 213.  (Wow, that took some guts to post to the public).  Wanted to get it out there in the name of science for official results.



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