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So, I’ve started a blog.  Whoopty!  I probably should give you a little background.  I’m a middle-aged proud mother of four children – all girls. Stepmom to Munchkin, my 18 year old stepdaughter, mom to Boo, age 10, Sunshine, age 6, and the baby currently referred to as Bubbley.  She is so named because this child is the gassiest baby I have ever met.  Her toots would shame a grown man.  There are geysers at Yellowstone National Park that have nothing on this little one.  She bubbles and gurgles constantly… and then there is the occasional full blown eruption.  I also sporadically refer to her as some variation of Rainbow – like Bow or Bowbley (my mashing of Rainbow and Bubbley) – because she is my rainbow baby.  She will acquire a more proper nickname once she is old enough to develop a personality. Or the poor child may be stuck with this one.  Only time will tell.

I’ve been married to me Hubby for eleven eventful years now.  We were married in June 2005 and then went through Hurricane Katrina in August 2005.  Our house flooded, we both lost our jobs due to the storm, and I found out a little surprise while we were evacuating… but I think I’ll save all of that story for a post.  Life has been really chaotic … ahem… I meant adventurous since then.  We started out own business together to make ends meet.  That was also eleven years ago.  I guess that makes us a success in having a small business for eleven years.

Prior to hubbies, babies, and hurricanes, I was a single girl with a lot of passion.  I love to read, sew, cook, and travel.  I’ve been to six of the seven continents.  I love the environment and am passionate about helping to save, well, everything.

I hope that my musings provide you with something useful, even if it is just the occasional chuckle.

Welcome to my soul laid bare.  Please be kind.


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