I'm a body builder! Nah, but it works the same!

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One of the primary symptoms I'm having that makes life so difficult to deal with is the constant muscle pain.  I describe it as always feeling like I have the flu or was hit by a truck or survived a skiing accident where I lost control and tumbled head over heels down the entire mountain and every muscle is a huge black and blue bruise.  I don't use these descriptions lightly. I apologize in advance if any of these are a trigger for you.  Sadly, I don't use the description "hit by a train" because someone close to me died in a train accident and every time I hear the phrase I cringe a little bit inside.  So when I use these descriptions, I am being literal.  The pain is unlike anything I've experienced before.  I used to hear great aunts complain about their chronic pain; being young, I'd poo poo they were just complaining again.  

Now, having lived with chronic pain, I truly understand how debilitating and demoralizing it is. (Sorry Auntie!) A lot of joy is sucked out of life when it hurts to even sit, forget about crawling across the floor to play with the kids!  So, I was researching what I could do to help with muscle soreness.... I ran across a site where body builders were talking about combating after workout fatigue and soreness.  I have both sans the body builder's physique, of course!  One of the things they use is D-Ribose, so I decided to give it a shot.  It works like a charm!  It is my Step 2 in my magic drink I make each morning (see my last post for Step 1).  I mix both ingredients in a cup of water and chug it.  Now, it does not taste fantastic, but at this point I don't care.

Step 2:

One scoop mixed in water with my special vitamin and I'm ready for the day!  Well, I'm ready to at least get out of bed.  Baby steps!

So, doctors haven't been able to figure out what is wrong with me yet.  I've had fibromyalgia thrown around and one doctor tried to tell me I was just depressed.  I quickly let him know that this was not in me head, but I was getting depressed from not getting better!  So, the fact that the D-Ribose is helping me leads me to wonder if there is some kind of mitrochondrial malfunction going on. D-Ribose is used in the production of ATP which is the energy power for cells.  So without this key ingredient, your body can't make energy.  It isn't something found in food.  Your body has to produce it.  For whatever reason, I'm obviously not producing it at the levels needed to be healthy.

I'm suspecting Lyme, but my tests have come back inconclusive.  It is something I am looking into, but for the time being I'm using the Ribose to drop my pain level in half!  My pain ranged from a 6-8, some days almost 9.  My pain was a constant  On really bad days, I'll use two scoops but I haven't noticed as much difference with a second scoop.  The first provides the most benefit for me.  Some people take it for energy but from my understanding it takes almost 3 weeks to reap the benefit from an energy standpoint.  I take it primarily for muscle pain, energy is a nice side effect. There are several different kinds of D-Ribose, but the one I use and have found helpful is the one listed above.  Hope it helps you too!



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