Letting my life pass me by

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I came to a realization today that I am letting myself and everyone around me down in a big way.  Yes, I am sick.  Yes, there is a limit to what I can do at any one time.  But, I just realized today that there were things I intended to do "tomorrow" and that was 10 days ago.  I do lose track of time, but losing ten days of not getting simple things done is inexcusable.  I'm stuck right now.  I'm putting all of my energy into weight loss and this keto diet.  I've let everything else slack.  Well.... no more!  It needs to end, NOW!

I was reading one of the bajillion emails I get a day.  Since I spend a lot of time in bed, I've become kind of a self help info junky.  I sign up for every newsletter known to man.  Today, I got an email that talked about new beginnings.  This one really resonated with me.  New beginnings.  That's what I need.

It talked about how every minute is a new beginning.  That how we define ourselves is in the past.  That version of ourselves no longer exists.  It is over.  It has already happened and the universe has moved on.  All that matters now is the present.  Who are you in the present?

Who am I in the present?  Who AM I in the present??? I don't really know.

The newsletter went on to discuss how most of us subconsciously take our mental version of ourselves and "copy and paste" that version into the present.  Hence, we get more of the same that we have been getting the past month, the past year, the past decade.  BUT! (big but) BUT, we don't have to continue that way.  We can decide in the present to be different.... to change the program.

So, I decided tonight to start just that.  I actually even did it with my daughters, Boo and Sunshine.  I asked them if they could be anything, who would they want to be.  I decided on the arbitrary number of ten statements.  Really, because that was the amount I could realistically fit on the piece of paper while writing with the smelly blueberry marker - the only writing utensil I could find.  The girls surprised me and came up with some really great "I am" statements.  I am (look at me go) reading them with the girls each night before bed.  I look forward to them growing into the people THEY want to be.  It was only moderately hard to not censor their choices, but this is their journey in life, not mine.  

So, I haven't actually done my "I am" statements yet, so I thought now would be a good time to do them.  No time like the present!  Also, nothing like publicly putting it "out there" to tell the Universe, "Order up!"

Without further ado:

I am vibrantly healthy!

I am dependable!

I am consistent!

I am respected in my profession and community!

I am proficient in my profession!

I am successful in effortlessly reaching my goals!

I am financially abundant!

I am motivated to get my tasks completed quickly and efficiently!

I am content!

I am beautiful!

I am full of life!

I am soothing and calming to those around me!

I am able to give others energy, fill them up, without depleting myself!

I am fluent in three languages!

I am able to learn new skills quickly!

I am able to make things happen effortlessly!

I am an amazing wife, daughter, granddaughter, mother, and friend!

I am a genius!

I am likable!

I am healthy weight!

I am happy in all of my relationships!

I am making a big difference in the World!

I am successful in my ideas to save the Environment!

I am clear minded and quick witted!

I am young in mind and body!


I'm going to sleep on these and refine them.  I'm sure there will be more things I want to add, but this looks like a good start.

Now starts the new ME!



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