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The last in the triad for my magic morning drink is Co-Q10. I honestly don't remember how I first heard about CoQ10 for myself.  My dad used to take it for his Parkinson's disease.  Then my sister mentioned it in passing for help with some health issues in her family.  Then I saw it in a blog somewhere.  Those are the times I feel like the Universe is knocking me over the head saying, "Pay attention to this!"

I don't even remember ordering it (a fun side effect of my brain fog.... it's often like Christmas morning at my house.  Surprise!  I don't remember ordering that - how fun!  Surprise!  I've never seen that shirt before- it's a great color!).  However, when I found the bottle on the top of my refrigerator, and BONUS it was not expired, I read the description and was intrigued.  I threw it in my morning magic drink and it seems like it helps.  I haven't noticed the huge effect the F to F vitamin and the Ribose has, but it seems to give me a little more stamina and maybe help with the brain fog and cognition.  

CoQ10 is not a vitamin because the body is supposed to produce it itself.  Those little mitochondria (I really need to learn how to spell this word without looking it up every time)  require CoQ10 to transfer fat and nutrients into energy.  It is part of the ATP cycle.  At this point, I figure anything that can support my mitochondria is a good things since I suspect mine don't work correctly, hence the severe exhaustion.  Plus, CoQ10 has a bunch of other positive interactions.  It is supposed to be good for heart health, lower cholesterol, slows the effect of aging (BONUS), acts as antioxidant, helps with cognitive function, and aid digestion.  Check, check, and check - all things I could use help with.  So, into the magic drink it goes.  Now, I am no doctor, so if you decide to try any of these recommendations, I recommend you run it by your doctor first.  Supplements can have interactions with medications and each other, as well as unexpected side effects.  For example, CoQ10 can interfere if you are taking statins, so be sure to discuss with your doctor.Some good natural sources are grass fed beef, herring, and free range chicken.  Sadly, here in the US it is darn near impossible to get grass fed anything, at least without giving away Boo, my first born, so supplementing it is for me! 

Step 3:



Warning, the above link is for orange-vanilla.  When mixed with the F to F berry flavor, it's pretty terrible.  I can't emphasis enough how terrible these things all taste when mixed together.  However, if it works.....

After reading reviews from Amazon of people taking this, I'm thinking I may supplement with an additional dose at lunch.  People swear by it and I'm only seeing a minimal improvement.  I'm wondering if it is because I'm not taking enough? Hmmm.  I'll let you know!  



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