Worms? I hate worms!

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It's true! I hate worms! I've hated them since I was a little girl. When I went fishing with my dad I made him bait the hooks. There was no way I was touching those wiggly, squiggly gross worms.

 In my research for causes of exhaustion and pain, I have run across some interesting ideas. One of those is that worms, or as they are more professionally called, parasites, are actually found quite often in people. So, the thinking goes that parasites are very common in people, even right here in good old North America.  The theory is that medical doctors in America and Europe are very behind in recognizing that there is a parasite epidemic going on. Apparently, they are taught in medical school that things like parasites are for developing countries. Because of this, parasites are not something that even cross their mind when we go to the doctor with complaints of poor health.  I know this to be the case even though I have pointed out to my MD that I traveled abroad quite a bit.  They seem to think that if I was infected with parasites, I would have more obvious signs than just general malaise.  As it turns out, parasite infections are quite common. However, medical doctors don't test for it often. Furthermore, testing isn't reliable anyway. False negatives are common. 

When I really stopped to think about it, it made sense to me. I know for a fact that my little ones have had pinworm before. Pinworm is very common here in the United States. They even have over the counter treatment for it. It is also well known that are our animals, like our gorgeous dogs and cats, can contract worms. Every puppy and kitten is recommended to be dewormed within the first few weeks of life. I remember the boys that used to hunt when I was in Middle School talking about how they couldn't hunt rabbit during certain months because the meat would be full of worms. We all know that you need to cook pork for a certain amount of time to avoid getting trichinosis. So, if we are all aware that all of the animals around us could have worms, and we know that our children can get worms, why do we think that we wouldn't get worms? As it turns out, a lot of our declining Health may very well be because of overgrowth of parasites. Parasites don't have to be just worms.  There are many different types of parasites. They range from big, several feet long tapeworm down to Tiny single-celled organisms. It also turns out, that if you have an infection like Lyme disease, there's a greater chance that you have a co-infection of parasites. Parasites also love heavy metals. So if you happen to have some heavy metals in your system, the parasites will absorb those.

So, all of this leads to some interesting conundrums.  First of all, it is doubtful that you will be able to get reliable testing to see if you have parasites. Secondly, even if you do get good testing, it is doubtful that your doctor will be well educated in how to treat the parasites.  Furthermore, even if you do get proper treatment to kill the parasites, they are likely filled with toxic metals and possibly bad bacteria that will be released when they are killed.  

This information has caused me to kind of pause for the moment.  I am researching protocols to kill parasites, but want to wait until I am finished nursing to be sure I don't accidentally pass along heavy metals or co-infections to my baby.  Also, need to get my detox pathways in good shape.  The last thing I need is heavy metals currently stored in parasites to float through my body only to resettle in my brain or nervous system.  I definitely don't need to further poison my brain since I don't even know what is wrong with it in the first place.  

I do have an upcoming neurologist appointment.  I'm hoping to get some answers then.....



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